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Part 1: Electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance plays a key role for companies with large industrial sites

The operation and maintenance of various industrial sites is a complex task with many challenges. The reliable operation of electrical systems is a key factor in productivity and the smooth running of processes. Electrical systems support a wide range of processes such as lighting, running air-conditioning systems, supplying power, operating data processing systems and, last but not least, running production equipment.

Power outages or malfunctioning electrical equipment can have serious consequences/damage, such as lost revenue due to production stoppages. Continuous electrical maintenance aims to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of systems, to identify and rectify faults and disturbances in a timely manner and to extend the life of systems. Properly maintained electrical systems minimize breakdowns, thereby increasing productivity, reducing downtime and maximizing equipment life.

Our maintenance services include a number of important activities to help our partners run smoother, more trouble-free operations. For example, through regular maintenance, where we continually check our partners’ electrical systems and correct any faults that arise, we carry out inspections to check the performance of the systems, and we also focus on optimising electrical systems to improve their efficiency and reliability. One of our success stories is the Continental factory in Szeged, where we have been successfully maintaining their electrical systems for over 3 years. Check our references for more information:

Nube Invest Ltd. provides a wide range of electrical services including several types of maintenance services to help companies with industrial sites operate reliably and efficiently. Services include

1. This includes periodic maintenance activities, pre-planned maintenance programmes, inspections and testing, and the identification and repair of any faults or problems.

2. This includes delivery within 1 day, 4 hours or even 1 hour. For example, this is how we maintain Mol’s refinery in Algyő, see the case study in our references:

3. This includes troubleshooting, component replacement, cable repairs and other emergency maintenance activities that allow systems to restart and production to resume as soon as possible.

4. Professional advice: our experts provide expert advice to customers on the design, development and maintenance of industrial electrical systems, including system optimisation, energy efficiency improvements, the introduction of new technologies and the development of long-term maintenance plans.